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Bringing in the kiddos?

Info for making your art time

at Art Space AWESOME!​

* all ages welcome! Plan for a 30-60 minute visit with babies and toddlers and up to two hours with older children


* YES! Children under three years can paint pottery! It's a great activity for mom, dad or grandparents to do with the children of all ages. Plan for a 30-60 minute visit with children under three


* we do not supply high chairs or booster seats; strollers are welcome


* all of our paints are water-based and non toxic; paints wash out of clothes!

* snacks and drinks are always welcome; a changing table is in the restroom

* if you need private space, you may use the party room if it's available (with a door to keep kiddos inside; parties are booked most weekends)

* if children finish their project before mom and dad, we have crayons and paper for the kids while they wait. You can always return to finish your pottery at a later time - no extra charge! Another idea: get their prints on a piece and return to finish it - sans children - later! Make it a Mom's Night Out with friends (and wine!)

* custom painting is available to finish hand and footprint pieces (cost depends on the amount to be painted)

* glass fusing is for ages 7 and up. For safety, we cannot have children under 7 years at a table where glass is being made

* we LOVE our painting birthday parties! Perfect for ages 4 and up

* pre-registration is required for all classes and events 

* we look forward to having FUN with your family!


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