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The Holiday Season Is Upon Us!


We love that you love to create all your gifts with us! It brings us joy! And we want to ensure joy is brought to you!


We have a lot of gifts we process for our wonderful customers each holiday season and each gift has to get fired in our kiln. Due to the firing process, all pieces you want in time for Christmas need to be completed by December 18th! After the 18th, we will continue to fire pieces but we cannot ensure them in time for the holiday.


Our awesome custom painter works around the clock every holiday season on custom orders! Our Custom Painting deadline is December 15th! We will gladly help you get your little ones print after the 15th, but we can not do any custom painting until after the first of the year!


Please make your plans for painting earlier rather than later!


Thank you for your understanding! We look forward to seeing you this holiday season!

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