when we asked our customers

what they liked best about Art Space Studio

this is what they said ...

The staff!! * Love being able to come up with new ideas * Everything!! * The atmosphere is great and family friendly, the staff is very helpful and friendly, and the selection of all the different art pieces is fantastic * Your awesome staff! * The whole concept is great! * Fun! * Everything!!!     * the creativity it inspires!!! * It's clean * The PEOPLE! * That there are so many things to choose from to paint. * The huge selection of pottery AND the wonderful customer service! * Love the relaxed and cozy atmosphere and very helpful staff!! * Friendly staff..projects...GNO's * Family time          * The employees and the freedom to create! * I like that I can bring my children and have a great time. I have been in at all mile stones for hand- prints. Can’t wait to start bringing my 5 month old * The variety of projects * It's fun!      * Ladies nights * Love the family time we get! * The painting and calm environment * Friendly place to awaken your inner creative child * Summer camp was a huge success! The studio is bright and there are lots of choices of pieces to paint. I appreciate the date + ladies night opportunities that are available * I love the atmosphere!! I can come there alone or with friends and always have fun painting and hanging out!!    * It’s an amazing place! * The atmosphere....always inviting and the staff are always there for you! * My granddaughter and I have a blast! * The people who work there are so helpful and nice!!! * Its owner * You always have new and awesome projects. I also love that the studio is so cheerful, and it makes me happy to be there * The selection of products and the quiet friendly atmosphere * Location, location, location      * You don't have to be an expert artist * The friendships made with staff...every customer feeling as though they are THE customer!     * The paint your own pottery! * Preserving my children’s handprints      * The amazing staff and owner! So knowledgeable and helpful! * I haven't been yet but I'm really interested in the concept and I check the website often to look at the galleries of what other customers have done. I will be coming soon to create my own piece of artwork * The wonderful staff and the atmosphere * Because it doesn't matter what you do it always comes out beautiful!        * The creativity! * The mommy and me activities! *    Everything!!!!!!! It's fun to paint and make things pretty like a real artist * I can show up when I get the "urge," and there's always an art "space" available! * The wonderful assortment of things to paint and events to attend!!! * All ages are welcome! * The ability to show off your creativity without limits! * Everything!!!